RosieMADE Organic Handscrub: Lavender Oatmeal & Zesty Lemongrass *Review*

rosieMade Soap review -

Have you heard of rosieMADE before? It is one of my new favorite companies. They provide an assortment of all-American made products by women-friendly companies.  All of the products offered on their website are either handmade or are made in small batches to ensure that the ingredients are quality and that the products are outstanding.  This is a women-owned business that launched in 2012 and their focus is to help other women-owned businesses and small companies grow. How admirable is that? Love ’em!

For this review, I was sent two bars of 3.75 oz handmade organic handscrub bars in the scents: Lavender Oatmeal and Zesty Lemongrass.

rosieMade Soap review --

The soap is made by the Oregon Soap Company, using renewable energy and it is certified organic. Both soap bars smell really wonderful! When it comes to cleaning, the natural lemon scent always makes me think “clean” so I have kept this soap bar in my kitchen.  After digging around in the garden, I have come to love using this particular soap to scrub my hands with. I decided that the lavender scent would be more fitting in my bathroom. What I really love about both of the soap bars is that they are aesthetically beautiful, unlike some handmade soap I have seen in the past and I really like the pieces of oatmeal and bran embedded within the soap – for a little added scrubbing action.

Check out the pure and natural ingredients:

rosieMade Soap review ---

The soap not only smells great, but it lathers up nicely and leaves your hands feeling moisturized and clean after. The best part for me is that I can feel comfortable letting my daughter use it, knowing that the ingredients are safe for the entire family! She actually washes her hands better with the bar soap I have noticed, she really likes lathering up with the bar soap vs. our usual pump soap!

RosieMADE soap review -

Would you like to try out this soap yourself? RosieMADE is making it easy! RosieMADE is offering a free bar of any Oregon Soap Company organic bar soap with a $15 minimum purchase on  Be sure to enter the coupon code: SoapBlog – This offier expires 7/31/13.

Take care, Stephanie

The review of these soaps are all my own, honest opinions.

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