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During a few google searches earlier this year, I came across an online shop called Stone Creek Trading, Ltd. I quickly fell in love with their old world traditional products that are imported from Poland. All of the products are made of natural materials (not BPA laden plastic, or lead in the paint!).

Emily and her husband own the business and reside in Illinois with their children. This family-run business offers great kitchenware items as well as decorative items but I’m most fond of their fermentation supplies. They offer a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes of fermentation crocks and they even manufacture their own all-glass crock weights in serveral different diameter options!

My absolute favorite product that they offer is their cabbage shredder <—- I have this BIG one. This product changed my sauerkraut-making game. Kraut is a staple in our home and it used to take me 45 mins to chop up 3 heads cabbage (maybe I’m slow? But it is time consuming nonetheless!). Now with the shredder, I shred up 3 cabbages in less than 10 mins! They offer a medium size and will soon be offering a small shredder as well!

I’m so excited to announce that Stone Creek Trading reached out to me to host a GIVEAWAY for all of my lovely social media followers.

To enter:

Head on over to Instagram and follow @stone_creek_trading and click back to my GIVEAWAY POST on my Instagram account and let me know which of the 3 prizes you’d like to win.


Prize #1: Luna Glass Crock Weights – non-porous glass weights to add to fermenting crocks to keep the produce under the brine.

Prize #2: Medium Size Wooden Cabbage Shredder, great for slaw and PERFECT for sauerkraut making.

Prize #3: A $25 shop credit to Stone Creek Trading to apply to any thing that you want.

No Instagram account? No problem. “LIKE” their Facebook page. You must let me know in the comments of this blog post that you “liked” their page in order to get an entry.

Want additional entries? Visit, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your e-mail address to receive their newsletter! Once again, you must leave me a comment on this blog post letting me know you signed up to receive an entry.

Winner will be announced on my blog December 2nd, 2016 as well as on my Facebook page and on my Instagram account. Don’t forget to check back!

Good luck!

COMPLETE ALL 3 TASKS TO GAIN 3 ENTRIES INTO THE CONTEST! Contest will end 12/1/16 at 11:59pm Central Time Zone. This contest is open only to U.S. residents of the 48 contiguous states.


The Stone Creek Trading Giveaway had a great turn out and the owners are so happy with your excitement that they decided to give ALL 3 PRIZES away! The winners have been notified and have 72 hours to claim their prize – so check your e-mails! The winners are:

Judy – $25 Store Credit, Melissa S. – Luna Crock Weights and @wright.r for the highly sought after Cabbage Shredder.

Stone Creek Trading is also extending a special discount to all Minnesota from Scratch readers! Get $5 off any order over $50! One per customer, good through December 9, 2016. Discount code: MNScratch5

Congratulations winners! There will be more giveaways to come in 2017!

Thanks for reading!


5 Gifts The Homesteader in Your Life Will Love

minnesotafromscratch.wordpress.comCan’t quite figure out what to do for Mother’s Day this year? I have compiled a short list of 5 great things that any homesteader (beginner or experienced) would love to get!

1. Weck Jars

Photo from:

Photo from:

I fell in love with these jars about three years ago when I learned that there was BPA in the lining of my classic canning jar lids. I was completely devastated to learn that all the while I thought I had been canning to keep my family safe from chemicals, that I was actually still feeding them chemical laden pickles, jams, etc… I have used Weck jars religiously ever since and I have never looked back. They are very easy to can with, I have only had one or two jars not seal in the last three years. They are made of all glass – even the lids. There is a rubber ring that seals the jars that is completely non-toxic and stainless steel clamps that keep the lid tight against the jar. These jars come in tons of different shapes and sizes and although they are a little more spendy, they will last a lifetime. The clips and rubber rings are very inexpensive to replace if need be. When I first started using them, they were not available at any local retailers near me and had to be ordered online. Now they are available at William Sonoma, Cost Plus World Market and Crate and Barrel. But I still find that the best deal is to wait until the Mighty Nest has a 20% off coupon circulate and to order them from them. The MightyNest also has super fast free shipping (free if your order is over $50, otherwise it’s only $5.95). Shop non-toxic, natural & organic products for your home at  FYI – If your mom isn’t into canning, these jars are also awesome for keeping nuts, grains and legumes in as well.

2. Fermentation Crock 

William Sonoma Fermentation Crock

Photo from: WilliamSonoma/agrarian

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! I haven’t made the leap to actually buy a crock yet, no one really needs a crock to ferment food because there are tons of DIY blogs that show you how to create your own.  But as a gift, I think it would be well received! I’m in love with this hand-thrown one sold at William Sonoma. It’s made with a non-toxic glaze that is food safe and lead-free. If you don’t know why fermented foods are beneficial, head over to my KimChee post and read why. I specifically would use this crock to make sauerkraut. These Harsch Gairtopf ones sold on are also very highly reviewed crocks and would be another great option for the fermented food lover in your life.

3. Raised Garden Beds

Photo from:

Photo from:

We have TONS of bunnies in our neighborhood and they love to devour my raspberry bush and strawberry plants. Raised gardens help keep some of the pests out, they extend the growing season, they are beneficial for water drainage and taller raised gardens are easier on the back, especially for the elderly. If you are handy, building a raised garden from recycled wood would be the most cost effective option, but make sure you know what type of wood you are using and find out if it has been treated with anything. You wouldn’t want any toxic chemicals leaching into the soil! If you are not at all ready to attempt this task on your own and would prefer to buy one, I found some safe and affordable options for you at to check out at:

4. Cheese Making Kits

Photo from:

Photo from:

Why make your own cheese? Number one reason for me is because I can control what is in the cheese. Having no artificial ingredients or GMOs is very important to me.  Plus it’s super inexpensive! I found some great cheese kit options for you here from the UrbanCheeseCraft that don’t contain any GMOs.

5. Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Photo from:

Photo from:

The Lodge brand has been around for over a century. Their pre-seasoned cookware is built to last longer than you and I. They offer beautiful enameled dutch ovens and other cookware that unlike some of their competitors, are completely lead-free and cadmium-free. They are also a heck of a lot more affordable than other brands too. Anyone that loves to cook will enjoy cooking with any piece from Lodge.

Take care, Stephanie

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