101 Things I Love About My Mother


I love….

  1. Her thirst for travel
  2. Her ability to talk to anyone
  3. Her fearless attitude toward adventure
  4. Her laugh
  5. Her strength
  6. Her resilience
  7. Her bond with my daughter
  8. The way she can connect with other people
  9. Her always super soft skin
  10. Her sense of humor
  11. Her motivation
  12. Her cooking without recipes
  13. Her wittiness
  14. Her knowledge about natural remedies
  15. Her love for zip-up fleece vests… haha
  16. Angie
  17. Her willingness to always kick someone’s ass for me, lucky she has never had to 😉   …yet.
  18. That she was the first mate on the Nina
  19. That she raised tigers
  20. That she can be happy in luxury or a hole in a hill
  21. Her green thumb
  22. How when I need her, she is there
  23. How she is always looking for a way to help others
  24. How she can whip up a feast in 10 minutes when you think the cupboards are bare
  25. Her honesty
  26. That she has everything but needs nothing
  27. How some of her awesomeness rubbed off onto me
  28. Her creative side
  29. Her handmade pottery
  30. Her beauty, inside and out
  31. How she bribes my daughter with Jelly Beans
  32. How she will not put up with crap from anyone, ever
  33. That I know she always has my back
  34. How she gets along with my friends
  35. How forgiving she is
  36. Her stories, she should write a book – seriously, Ma
  37. How she listens to what her dreams are telling her
  38. That she believes in the other side
  39. The way she dances, arms and all 😉
  40. That she knows how to sail
  41. How she can tie knots that will not come undone
  42. Card night
  43. Her magnetic personality
  44. How she loves to have a good time
  45. How we have the same feet
  46. How we both have the same wrinkly palms too
  47. Our shared love for Asian food, Mexican food, Seafood and pretty much all food
  48. How she supports me and my family
  49. How she comments on every single blog post of mine
  50. That even when she lived far away, I still felt close to her
  51. That she moved back to MN
  52. Enjoying apps and wine with her
  53. How she helped my daughter learn her colors
  54. That she does not give up
  55. That she respects my opinions
  56. That she always sides with my husband (jk… dislike!) But I do like that they have a good relationship
  57. That she kayaks
  58. That she can rig fishing poles up like a pro
  59. That she knows how to do almost everything (at least it seems that way to me)
  60. Her thriftiness
  61. Her helpfulness with the family
  62. Her love for animals
  63. That she is not afraid of bugs, specifically spiders
  64. That she eats off of tiny plates but will have 5 servings, cracks me up
  65. That she is comfortable in her own skin
  66. That she tells it like it is
  67. Her intuitiveness
  68. That we have 4 generations of Geminis
  69. That she was a young mother
  70. Our tightknit family
  71. That she kept the subs in the car and occasionally enjoys rap music… grandma
  72. That she admits her weaknesses
  73. How she got me interested in homeopathy
  74. Her generosity
  75. Her optimism
  76. Her bluntness
  77. How I can tell her ANYTHING and I mean anything
  78. How she pronounces Twitter “Tweeter” and WiFi “WeeFee”
  79. How handy she is
  80. Her blue eyes
  81. That she has friends all over the world
  82. That her friends are from all different walks of life
  83. Her wild side
  84. Her one of a kind qualities
  85. How she makes hard tasks look so easy
  86. How on April 27th, 2005 she did not give up
  87. How at her weakest moment, she was still positive
  88. How we know firsthand Reiki works
  89. Our connection
  90. That we are Gemini’s
  91. Kisses for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… remember?
  92. How good she is at Scrabble
  93. Her hospitality
  94. Her jerk chicken
  95. Making gingerbread cookies
  96. Talking to her every day
  97. What a hard worker she is
  98. Her healthy habits
  99. Her uniqueness
  100. Our friendship
  101. That she is my mother

I love you, Mom!


Take care, Stephanie

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