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Stephanie – Certified Master Food Preserver, Author of: WECK Small-Batch Preserving (2018) and Can It & Ferment It (2017)

About: WECK Small-Batch Preserving

Food preservationist Stephanie Thurow has teamed up with the canning experts at WECK to show readers how to preserve throughout the year with WECK jars. The J. WECK Company has made aesthetically beautiful all-glass home canning jars for one hundred years. Never before offered, Stephanie has created a step-by-step guide to preserving with WECK jars and has developed one hundred delicious, small-batch recipes to can, ferment, and infuse with them.

Recipes in this helpful guide include Bloody Mary mix, pineapple and strawberry jam, escabeche, kimchi, various sauerkraut recipes, a variety of kvass recipes, numerous infused spirit concoctions including pineapple and mango vodka, orange, clove, and cinnamon whiskey, and so much more!

Recipes are paired with colorful, stunning photos and written in an easy, approachable format. Perfect for new preservationists and delicious enough for even seasoned pros to appreciate, WECK Small-Batch Preserving is every preservation enthusiast’s go-to resource for year-round preservation.

About: Can It & Ferment It:

Welcome to the world of produce preservation. In Can It & Ferment It, blogger Stephanie Thurow brings the canning and fermenting communities together by offering recipes that work for both canning and fermenting. From a first-timer to the advanced preservationist, Can It & Ferment It shows canners and fermenters alike how they can have the best of both worlds.

Stephanie explains the differences between the canning and fermentation processes, emphasizes the importance of using local and organic produce, describes canning and fermenting terminology and the supplies needed for both methods, and offers more than 75 fun and easy recipes for every season. Readers will learn how to make the same recipes in two different ways; each can be enjoyed water bath canned or as a healthy probiotic-rich ferment. Recipes include:

Fermented strawberry chutney
The perfect garlic dill pickle
Fermented green tomato salsa
Quick cinnamon-honey apple butter
And more!

Editorial Reviews:

“I can already see that this book is going to become the most used preserving book that we own! Having one resource for a variety of delicious looking canning and fermenting recipes will make preserving that much more accessible to everyone. Reading Stephanie’s book is like having your own personal canning & fermenting expert right there with you.” ―Emily S. Kociolek, owner of Stone Creek Trading

“Stephanie Thurow’s Can It & Ferment It taps into two surprisingly parallel processes of preserving―canning and fermenting. Reading this book as a curious and captivated outsider to the canning and fermenting worlds, Thurow presents a charming selection of recipes for all seasons. Starting with an ambition for local, fresh, and organic produce, these lovely recipes are approachable and interesting, attainable and original―the perfect addition to any meal.” ―Make It Minnesota magazine

Can It & Ferment It combines canning and fermenting options into one comprehensive book to answer the age-old question “what to do with all that produce?” With great tips on how to get kids involved through age-appropriate tasks perfect for teaching little ones about food (and patience!), this book can fill many great summer afternoons with the kids in the kitchen and fresh produce on the counter.” ―MightyNest

“Written from her kitchen to yours, Can It & Ferment It is Stephanie’s visual and tutorial feast for the senses. These are easy to follow recipes that make the best of fresh local ingredients, making the canning and fermenting trend approachable for the eager home cook!” ―Jill Holter, Lakewinds Food Co-op community and media specialist


Stephanie is an author and a work-from-home mother that lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is married with one awesome kid and lots of pets. Her pastimes include: photography, cooking-from-scratch, canning, fermenting, crafting, hand stamping metal jewelry, learning to be a (successful) organic gardener and she loves learning new skills of homesteading. She also enjoys laughing, dancing and visiting with family and friends. She has had a die-hard love for kimchi since she was a toddler, which ultimately lead to her interest in fermentation.

Connect with Stephanie: MinnesotafromScratch@gmail.com, Instagram: @minnesotafromscratch, Twitter: @StephLovestoCan YouTube: Stephanie Thurow

Kristin (occasional guest blogger) works full-time and is a part-time single mom.  She enjoys trying (and making) new recipes, gardening, walking, and learning all about trains and construction equipment with her son.  She may be considered a little “overstated and annoying” when it comes to avoiding foods that are conventional, contain MSG, or are distributed in plastic.  She has also been known to get very animated when discussing the chemicals in the water, the benefits of juicing, and visualization techniques.  She also loves to dance!

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  1. Allison
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 18:03:42

    Looks good !!


  2. Jill Emmer
    Feb 07, 2014 @ 06:57:07

    What a great web site! I am so glad I visited it! Creative ideas!❤️😊 ps: I love that you both mention your love of dancing in your bios!


  3. Christian
    Feb 11, 2015 @ 07:59:43

    Question. Do you have garden stones that I can personalize with my sweethearts name and I with two hearts?


  4. ccouper416
    Jun 19, 2017 @ 13:50:40

    Where can I find a page/link for your jewelry??


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