Top 5 Favorite Gifts from Duluth Trading Co. + $50 Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

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Earlier today I published a blog post about my favorite new shirt/jacket which happens to be an item from Duluth Trading Co. We recently had our first Minnesota location open up in Bloomington, MN so I wanted to make you all aware of the awesomeness that this store encompasses.

Here is a list I have compiled of 5 great gift ideas for the hands-on, hard-working person in your life.

Men’s Shoreman’s Windblock Face Mask

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This would be perfect for all my die hard bicyclist friends that ride their bikes year-round in this frozen tundra! It says it’s a men’s mask but I don’t see why women can’t wear it as well. It looks warm and toasty, doesn’t it?

Flannel shirts for men or women

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I just wrote a blog post about how much I enjoy my shirt/jacket. I feel like this is a safe gift for pretty much any adult since they are so versatile.

Hoedag Tool

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This handmade gem would be a prized piece for any gardener. This pick is sure to get to the root of the toughest weeds. Also see the Hori Hori knife I featured in June.

N0-Crack Hand Cream

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Winter = Dry skin. We all need to moisturize! This cream is non-greasy, made in the USA and the reviews are phenomenal.


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A great vacuum-insulated, BPA-FREE travel mug. Keeps liquids hot or cold for six hours.

Which gift idea do you like best? Start thinking because Duluth Trading Co. has been SO generous to provide me with ONE $50 Gift Card to giveaway to one lucky Minnesota From Scratch reader!

Click on the Rafflecopter link to enter:

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Good luck!

I was not compensated for this post and all of my opinions are my own.

Flannel: Functional, Comfy, Affordable and Versatile

Have you seen the Top 10 Flannel Cities list that Duluth Trading Co. put together? It’s pretty funny and Minneapolis/St. Paul is #4 on the list. Here’s why:

Flannel report - americas-top-flannel-cities-number-four-minneapolis-st-paul

This is my new favorite shirt/jacket. It’s the Women’s Flapjack Flannel Shirt Jac from Dulth Trading Company.

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The jacket is perfect for working outside but is also fashionable enough to wear out and about as well. I asked my favorite fashion blogger Alison, owner of Get Your Pretty On, for her two cents on flannel and she said, “Plaid flannel shirts aren’t just for lumberjacks.  They’re proving to be a versatile and fashionable staple to add to your winter basics.  Wear one layered under a sweater, mix it up with other prints like stripes or polka dots in complementary colors or dress it up with a pencil skirt and statement necklace.  It’s guaranteed to be a workhorse in your winter wardrobe.” Alison put together this great set to show you how the Flapjack flannel can be worn when you aren’t wearing it to work in:

flannel 2

This flannel jacket is great because it’s soft, comfortable and warm. It’s really durable and not restrictive, which makes it perfect for working in.

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I love the snaps on the cuffs and especially on the back of the coat. I think they are a flattering detail that make the jacket more feminine and are also functional because I can make the waist line larger or smaller, depending on what I’m wearing underneath. The cut of the coat is great for all different body types and long enough to cover the hips.

Check out the other flannel styles and colors here.

What are your thoughts on flannel?

Be sure to check the blog later, I will be posting a great new giveaway from Duluth Trading Co!

Lunette Menstrual Cup: {A Very Personal} Review and Giveaway!


A few months ago, it dawned on me that my tampons may be harmful to my health. I immediately did some searching online and what I learned quickly frightened me. All the while that I have been eating organic food, making my own lotions, juicing and trying to take care of myself, I had completely overlooked tampons. How did it slip my mind for all of these years?! After some researching, I learned that most tampons are made of rayon and cotton. If the tampons are not made from organic cotton (which mine were not), then they are made from genetically modified, pesticide laden cotton! And Rayon! Yuck… The process of making rayon creates Dioxin and Dioxin is: Dioxin So between rayon and cotton, well…  there is nothing good to say and I don’t want my uterus to absorb this nonsense into my body any longer! I had never heard of menstrual cups before I researched alternatives to tampons. The only alternative I knew of were pads (not for me, thanks anyway!). After searching for alternatives, I found a menstrual cup with great reviews which was the Lunette cup. Lunette cups are made from medical-grade silicone (resistant to bacteria) and are flexible and reusable (eco-friendly). Because the cups only need to be replaced every few years, they are cost effective too! The cups do not absorb moisture, but catch it and can be worn up to 12 hours.  When I first tried the cup out I was actually a little hesitant, but I was pleasantly surprised with my experience! It was incredibly easy to insert, it just folds in half (the directions are very direct) and I felt very secure while wearing it. I don’t know how to quite explain it… but I was absolutely not concerned with leakage as I am sometimes with tampons. You women know what I’m talking about! Imagine yourself running, playing sports or laughing really hard… yeah… you know what I’m talking about! I could partake in a marathon in a Lunette cup and not worry one bit.

Something else that really surprised me is that I didn’t have cramps and I ALWAYS have cramps! Terrible cramps! With the cup, I didn’t have any cramps and I didn’t even know that was something that people report from using a cup until after I used it. It was also very comfortable to wear, it does not even feel like you are wearing anything whatsoever. I was a bit intimidated to try out the cup for the first time, but I will tell you that there is nothing to be intimidated by. It is very easy to use and so much better for your body and the overall environment.

Interesting tid-bit: There have been no reported cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) in connection with the use of menstrual cups!

There are two different sizes of cups you can choose from and a variety of colors. One cup is meant for women that have not had children and/or generally have a lighter period and cup two is for women that have had children and/or have a heavier period. I have had one child, yet I still use cup 1 because my periods are not incredibly heavy. Check out the size guide to see which is the best fit for you.

The folks over at Lunette Cup have been so generous to extend a GIVEAWAY of ONE clear Lunette Cup (size 1 or 2) AND a package of wipes to ONE lucky MinnesotaFromScratch reader!


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