3 Day Reboot and beyond (Kris)

For anyone considering a reboot I would highly suggest being open to extending your fast beyond day 3 if you find day 3 tolerable. Three days is the minimum after all.

Since I found day 3 to be so much better than day 2, I decided to keep going and see how many days I could make it. Besides, I had most of the makings for some great juice still in the icebox. Well, I made it for 7 days and I have to say I could have gone longer, but I had a lunch meeting and a happy hour coming up and I didn’t want to go to happy hour my first day off the fast.

Day 4, 5, 6, and 7 were unbelievably easy for me. I had no hunger episodes and actually only made juice twice most days. I did find a great recipe for beet juice that I could actually drink without wincing and had plenty of energy to work through the day.

My first meal was at a lunch meeting, I had a spinach salad. Very yummy, my only regret is that I think I ate it like a huge, starving pig and possibly impacted the appetite of my lunch partner, ha!


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