My 3-Day Reboot (Kris)

Since I have a juicer, I also decided to do a juice “reboot”.  I’ve always wanted to, but what really made me decide to do it now was the fact that lately I have really been ignoring my #1 goal which is healthy living.  Primarily eating poorly, drinking alcohol, staying up too late, not getting exercise, yadda, yadda…

On Monday I stopped the alcohol and cut back on coffee.  Tried to eat “better”.

Tuesday was preparation day for the upcoming fast.

The following is my account of the three day juice reboot…

Pseudo Day One (Wednesday)

ingredients for the juice

Mean Green Ingredients

8a – I started the day drinking a cup of hot water w/ lemon squeeze.10a – Prepared and swallowed the Joe Cross’ Mean Green Juice, not bad. I was cooking for my son (JZ) and decided to make Chicken Noodle Soup for such a cold, dreary day.  I ended up having a little just to make sure it was edible.

12p – ½ cup of Chicken Noodle Soup.

2p to 3p – Napped.

3p – I enjoyed another cup of hot water w/lemon.

mean green juice

Mean Green Ready!

4:30p – I made a big glass of the Cabbage Rose Juice (not bad at all)

For dinner I had made New Orleans Beans and Rice so I tried a little tiny bit of that and then had a bowl of popcorn with JZ while watching a movie.

Day One (Thursday)
9a – I started the day with a fantastic grapefruit/carrot/ginger juice.  Good start!  Feeling good and well rested!

12p – I finished what was left of the morning juice.  Still yummy!

That afternoon I took a nap with JZ and tried to drink water.  I was definitely struggling to get down water that day.

3p – I woke up and JZ was still sleeping.  I was starving and I could feel my stomach was really needing something.  This can’t be good.  I realized I should have had juice BEFORE the nap.  Now I don’t want to run the machine and wake up JZ – whoops!

4p – I make the JC’s Mean Green Juice – not tasting good right now – YUCK!  I still drank it.

That was it for the day.  Going to bed early… I’ll get through this… right?

Day Two (Friday)
9:30a – A very tasty pineapple/orange/lime  Juice was slammed.

leafy green ingre

Leafy Green Ingredients

NOTE:  Don’t share leftovers with anyone!  It’s best just to drink your glass and then put the rest in the fridge to finish up a little later.  That way you don’t have to make juice EVERY TIME you get hungry.

2p – I had bought beets (which I don’t like) so I figured I better try something with them in it.  I made a Leafy Green Juice from my Juicing Bible.  It was okay.  A little foamy for me, but I downed it.

3:30p – No nap on this day and I ended up getting freakishly hungry midafternoon.  I was crazed, thinking about eating all kinds of yummy foods.  Pretty sure my body and mind were scrambling to figure out what the heck was going on.  It felt like an addiction craving, which it probably was… to bad food.  I have heard that your body needs to adjust to new sources of nutrition??  Maybe that’s what was going on??  Oh yeah, and I was absolutely freezing!  Yes, it is winter in Minnesota, but we do have heat.  I couldn’t shake the cold.

4p – I walked to the store to get some more veggies and to take my mind off of the hunger and get some movement in to hopefully warm up.  On the walk I started feeling what might be the beginning of a headache.  Not good.

4:30p – Steph told me that you could eat an avocado and it didn’t count against the diet, so I had half of an avocado.  BEST avocado ever!!  Thank you!!

6p – Made a Mean Green combo drink with kale, romaine, cucumber, apples, carrots, celery, ginger.  I was good enough and I read a book and went to bed early.


Mock Bloody Mary

Day Three (Saturday)
9a – I made the best juice of the 3-day journey!  Orange/pinneapple/pear.  I think I slammed it.  Steph says you need to drink them slowly.  Whoops!

I was feeling much better on day 3.  I never did get a headache the night before, probably because I took it WAY easy.

2p – Steph came over and we made a mock Bloody Mary juice with tomato/celery/jalapeno.  We added some celery salt to the rim to really make it feel like the real thing.  The juice was surprisingly good.

Although I felt good, I was kind of living in a cloud.  My mind was foggy, almost like I was a little buzzed.  Not good, not bad.  We both were feeling pretty good and decided to head out to the health food store for supplements and ingredients for making lotion!

5:30p – I made the same Mean Green combo drink I had last night.

Day 3 was much easier – food did sound pretty good that day, don’t get me wrong, but nothing compared to day 2.


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